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The Top 5 HR Trends for 2019 – According to Human Resources Today

Early in the year is a time we look back at what we achieved last year and what the 12 months ahead holds. In this article The Top 5 HR Trends for 2019, Human Resources Today predicts what trends will influence your organisation. 

They predict that we’ll see more focus on people analytics. From recruiting to performance and engagement, analytics will play a part in all aspects of HR. But it starts with recruitment technology and more companies will make the move towards automating part of the process.  

Using all this technology will free up HR professionals’ time to concentrate on building the employer brand of the company. Potential recruits will be able to tell if they are a good fit for the organisation before applying. 

Remote working will continue to grow in popularity with employees choosing to spend part of their week away from the office combined with an increase in the freelance and casual workforce. In terms of employee skill sets, this year will be all about social skills. The technology used in offices requires staff to interact with their colleagues more not less. 

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