The cutting edge software that lets you


your talent ​acquisition

Super Speed

To get through the mountains of CVs in a fraction of the time

Super Savings

Reduce your cost-per-hire with pricing per job, not per applicant

Super Vision

To look past all unconscious bias to see each person's true merits

Real-time leaderboard with every candidate ranked as soon as they apply.

High level visual dashboard showing candidate suitability.

Detailed profile showing how the candidate stacks up to benchmarks.

See how MATCHD Talent works

Easy to setup

MATCHD Talent makes it easy to setup new jobs in only a few minutes. The user-friendly interface will guide you through the process of creating specific position vacancies, as well as building up a profile for your organisation so applicants can be more accurately and effectively matched.

MATCHD Talent will also integrate easily into your existing job boards, meaning you can manage everything through the one system.

Assess All Applicants

All applicants complete a set of online questionnaires as part of the application process. By bringing the personality profiling to the start of the recruitment process, MATCHD Talent delivers deep and meaningful insights into each and every applicant before you’ve even read a single CV.

Instant Leaderboard

All applicants are analysed using data science to automatically deliver a ranked shortlist. MATCHD Talent compares each person equally without unconscious bias, and determines the best suited applicants based not only on requirements, but how well their natural strengths align to the occupation and how well their workplace preferences align to the culture of your organisation.

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MATCHD Talent gives you

Super Speed

  • Automated

    Assess ALL of your applicants against the same criteria, regardless of volume.

  • Saving Time

    Rank ALL applicants automatically in real time, reducing your time to hire.

  • Reduce Effort

    ALL applicants are ranked for best fit without you having to read a single CV.

MATCHD Talent gives you

Super Savings

  • Priced per Job

    Pay one fixed fee per job no matter whether you have 5 applicants or 5,000 applicants.

  • Reducing $$$

    Lower your overall cost per hire for each role.

  • Avoid bad hires

    Hire the right applicant, first time. Reducing your re-hire costs.

MATCHD Talent gives you

Super Vision

  • Insight

    Gives you an in-depth insight into each applicant’s Role Fit, Culture Fit and Requirements Fit quickly and easily.

  • Predict

    Understand your applicant’s potential performance via analysis of up to 300 essential data points.

  • Removing bias

    Ensure the best applicant is selected, regardless of their ethnicity, age, gender identity or (dis)ability, increasing your Diversity & Inclusion.

You’ll be inGood Company

Our MATCHD Talent Platform which includes science-backed Role Fit and Culture Assessments have been tried, tested and loved by some of the world’s leading companies.