In an industry like HR where change happens so quickly, you have probably retired most of what you learned at university in favour of online learning. Reading relevant industry blogs is one of the easiest ways to keep up with new technology and industry best practice. The information you learn through articles can make a huge difference to your career and organisation.

But there are so many amazing HR blogs available, it’s hard to know which ones to devote your limited reading time to. Check out this list of blogs written by industry thought leaders.

10 HR Blogs

#1 Josh Bersin

Who is behind the blog: Josh Bersin, Bersin by Deloitte

One of the blog’s newest best posts: Becoming Irresistible Part 1: Meaningful Work

This blog article is the first in a series of five, each one being a core driver of employee success. Meaningful work for many people means going home knowing you have accomplished something positive. Giving workers autonomy and the ability to ‘craft their jobs’ so they can do it the way they think is best also contributes to meaningful work.

What the blog is About: Josh is a global research analyst, public speaker and writer on everything from talent management, recruiting, leadership, technology, and work/life balance.

Josh also provides research-based membership programs in HR, talent and learning and has been the keynote speaker at the Australian HR Innovation and Tech Fest conference.

#2 UpstartHR

Who is behind the blog: Ben Eubanks

One of the blog’s newest best posts: HR Project Management: The Ultimate Guide

Project management skills of managing a budget, the timeline, people and resources, communication and developing change management plans are often required on HR projects. Eubanks looks at several HR project management examples including the scenario and parts of the HR project management role.

What the blog is about:  The 20,000 readers enjoy articles about the trends, opportunities for improvement in HR, talent acquisition and employee engagement.

#3 Human Resources Today

Who is behind the blog: Jose Sutcliffe and various industry thought leaders

One of the blog’s newest best posts: Onboarding: Take your Process from Basic to Strategic

HR Bartender reviews the four trends identified in the 2018 Global Strategic Onboarding Report that organisations should consider when onboarding new staff. The trends include identifying the audience as they aren’t always new staff, employee engagement, preparing content for onboarding in the organisation and basing the length of the onboarding process on the content.

What the blog is about: With over 150,000 subscribers, it’s one of the most popular HR content sites in the world. Topics range from analytics to wellness and everything in between.


Who is behind the blog: Erik van Vulpen

One of the blog’s newest best posts: HR Key Performance Indicators: An In-Depth Explanation with Metrics and Examples

The article provides a list of the HR KPIs that are worth tracking and how to create an HR KPI Scorecard with examples.

What the blog is about: HR best practices, success stories and tutorials written by experts from around the world. With over 70,000 visitors to the site each month, it’s leading the way in People Analytics globally.

#5 TINYpulse

Who is behind the blog: Seth Richtsmeier, Rosie Powers

One of the blog’s newest best posts: 13 Surprising Statistics about Employee Retention

Most organisations want to improve employee retention but without knowing the motivation for employees to move, it’s hard to know what to improve. The stats include bad boss performance, under recognition, onboarding, upward feedback, career advancement, work-life balance, sense of purpose and professional growth.

What the blog is about: TINYpulse develops software tools for business to help engage and develop high-performing teams but the blog offers much more than tech updates. It offers a mix of interesting topics but focuses on employee engagement and company culture.

#6 Human Resources Blog

Who is behind the blog: Dave Rietsema

One of the blog’s newest best posts: Risk Taking as a Fundamental HR Tactic

Taking risk means stepping away from the safe HR space and risk avoidance to create real value for the organisation.

What the blog is about: The blog is part of the HR Payroll System’s website but the aim of their blog is to educate and entertain HR professionals on a wide range of topics.

#7 Engage PEO

Who is behind the blog: Midge Seltzer, Founder and various other writers

One of the blog’s newest best posts: Recognising Potential Workplace Violence

Organisations the world over must think about ways to keep their staff safe and how to spot behaviour in a colleague that may turn violent.

What the blog is about: Writers include HR, benefits and employment law experts sharing their knowledge and insights on a range of HR topics.


Who is behind the blog: Several writers

One of the blog’s newest best posts: To Really Know your Culture, Become a Detective

Becoming a detective to better understand the company’s culture involves being a skilled listener, broadening your observations, checking self-awareness and fostering curiosity.

What the blog is about: With over 50,000 shares across various social media sites, TLNT is the top shared blog. TLNT covers recruiting, legal needs, management training, technology and benefits.

#9 Insperity

Who is behind the blog: Several HR and business performance specialists

One of the blog’s newest best posts: Difficult Conversations with Employees: 9 Crucial Rules to Remember

A conversation about performance or conflict with an employee doesn’t come easy to most HR managers. Use these nine tips to make the meeting less confronting with a better outcome for all involved.

What the blog is about: Insperity is all about streamlining and strengthening clients’ businesses with ready to use HR infrastructure. The blog articles include a wide range of topics that interest HR managers and small business owners.

#10 The Tim Sackett Project

Who is behind the blog: Tim Sackett

One of the blog’s newest best posts: 3 Ways to Increase Employee Productivity that Doesn’t Entail Pain or Torture!

Tim believes the holy grail of great leadership is to get the most productivity out of your team for an extended period. The 3 ways for improving productivity is to provide career value to employees, have senior managers acknowledge employees that go above and beyond and explaining what you expect from employees for them to make the next step in their career.

What the blog is about: Tim writes about HR technology, reviewing a different platform each week. He also posts articles about general HR topics in a refreshing, light-hearted tone that keep his readers coming back for more.

#11 Go Skills

Who is behind the blog: Go Skills, online training

A late entry to our list but great quality content – well worth a read.

#12 Oriel Partners

Who is behind the blog: Oriel Partners, specialist recruiters in the PA & Admin sector

An excellent range of articles regarding recruitment of PA and Admin staff.

Of course, don’t forget to check-out our other articles Matchd Blog.

Tools for Following your Favourite Blogs

If your list of favourite HR bloggers is long but you don’t like filling your inbox with enewsletters and article announcements, there are tools that can help.

Unroll me

This clever little application gives you a list of your subscription emails and at a click of the mouse you can unsubscribe, keep it in your inbox or roll it up. It delivers all your rolled-up subscriptions as one handy daily email. You open the email to view the title and a snippet of every email or enewsletter you’re subscribed to. If something catches your interest, one click opens to read the full email then continue scrolling through. You can stop rolling an email so it goes straight to your inbox whenever you like.


If you can’t go past following a good blogger but remembering to visit their site is a hassle, check out Feedly. You can categorise all your blog love into lists however you choose. To read a blog, click on the link and it opens in a new tab. Feedly has plenty of friends, check out Bloglovin’NewsBlurInoreader to name a few.


If you spend more time reading blogs on your phone than your laptop, you might like to try Flipboard. Add your blogs into boards and read by flipping/swiping through the pages. Flipboard also allows you to keep up with your reading of favourite publications too.


Sometimes you come across a great article but you’re too busy at the time and would like to read it later. Pocket it then later read all your saved articles, webpages, stories from publications and even apps. Do you have a favourite HR blog or tool not mentioned here? Drop us a line and tell us what it is.

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