Delivers the best candidates with up to 96% accuracy
Matches on strengths, personality and culture fit
Reviews all applicants equally no matter how many
Objective assessment removes bias and preconceptions
Scientifically proven algorithms provide deep data
Automates 80% of the recruitment process

Why Data is HR’s Most Important Asset – According to Bernard Marr

Data is making HR more intelligent. Never before has the HR industry had access to so much data. Marr names a few types of data relating to recruitment, absenteeism, personal development, staff satisfaction, and competency in Bernard Marr’s latest book Data Driven HR.  

Other departments in the organisations are collecting data too on social media engagement, website stats and staff emails. Access to all this data makes it the best asset HR has available. Known as big data and analytics, organisations are realising the value of the data available at their fingertips. From predicting when employees might leave, how to attract and retain employees, it makes data very valuable. But are organisations putting it to good use? 

Popular author, speaker and futurist Marr believes HR has always seen itself as the people department but with the data revolution HR is increasingly being driven by hard numbers and analysis.     

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