Why we need recruiting software

Hosameldin started teaching himself how to code at age 11. By 16, he was proficient in JavaScript and Python. Learning these coding languages is the equivalent of trying to teach yourself the three alphabets of Japanese, from scratch. He knew from an incredibly early age that he was fascinated by the power and breadth, yet satisfying philosophical simplicity, of creating software.

Having finished at the top of his class at the American University of Cairo, considered the crème de la crème of educational institutions in Egypt, gaining a Degree with Honours in Computer Engineering and Computer Science, Hosam was in high demand in the Egyptian tech world. After a brief jaunt as a junior software developer, he quickly learnt that his skills outweighed that of his superiors, and by his early 20s he had started his own software engineering company.

Soon, large tech firms that he had interned for during university were coming to him for advice and he was managing a team of 20 employees.

However, family difficulties and Hosam’s decision to leave the religion of Islam, meant that he was no longer welcome in his community. He couldn’t find a place where he felt belonged in Egypt, where he felt free and safe to explore his progressive liberal views.

So, Hosam made the difficult decision to immigrate to Australia, a place that to him, represented inclusivity and multiculturalism. So, he made the move across the equator. However, upon arrival, Hosam begun to realise that setting himself up here, may not be quite so straightforward. His past experience in prominent companies, and evidence of his extremely talented mind, didn’t seem to hold nearly the same weight in Australia as they had in Egypt.

How could he explain to recruiters that he had worked on some of the most groundbreaking technology coming out of Egypt, had multitudes of experience in managing the development of software from scratch, and was completely fluent and eloquent in English (along with French and Arabic), when their eyes never made it past the first line of his CV, stating his ‘Muslim sounding’ name? Or when they didn’t recognise the name of his successful business?

In order to stay afloat whilst living in Sydney, Hosam was forced to take a cash-only restaurant job, just to survive. He was free from the constraints on his beliefs but is now trapped by his financial situation and Australia’s internalised biases.

Hosam’s skills could have been put to excellent use in combatting the recent attacks on Australia’s cyber security, as this is a topic he addressed in his thesis at university. They could have been utilised to help small Australian businesses or Australian charities expand their online presence, building them a completely scalable E-Commerce website. However, the sticking point seemed to continuously be his ethnicity and assumed religious background.

Why we need recruiting software – With recruitment software such as that provided by MATCHD, Hosam’s highly demanded knowledge, incredible intellect, and leadership skills could have shined through, trumping internalised biases and becoming an invaluable asset to an Australian business.

These are the type of people we want to feel at home in Australia. Highly skilled, progressive thinking, caring members of the community. With the use of unprejudiced recruitment software, we can give these people the opportunity to create the life here that they deserve, and bolster the Australian economy with innovation. The flow-on effects are numerous. Diversity in the workplace builds productivity, especially the diversity of highly skilled and capable individuals.

Overall, there is no doubt why we need recruiting software – the benefits are profound and substantial.

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