How are you coping with the increased number of applicants post COVID?

20 June 2020
How are you coping with the increased number of applicants post COVID?

The COVID pandemic is affecting businesses in many ways, not least the HR and TA (Talent Acquisition) teams. Whilst many businesses are placing recruitment strategies on hold during these uncertain times, there are some TA professionals who are struggling to cope with the increased volume of applicants for advertised roles.

With this upsurge in the volume of applicants for a few vacant roles, many TA’s are increasingly under more and more pressure to maintain an effective selection process across an increased number of applicants, whilst preserving internal accountability and always ensuring the ‘right’ candidate is selected.

Without the foresight of knowing how a global pandemic might adversely affect TA teams, the team at MATCHD have managed to develop a product that directly aligns to this particular timely niche pain point in the market.

A core differentiator of the MATCHD product is that it puts the onus of the application process back onto the candidate and automates up to 80% of the entire recruitment selection process through its objective assessment engines and graphical dashboard ranking interface.

During a time of increased unemployment candidates are willing to dedicate more time to the application process to secure a role, again aligning with the MATCHD process, as it’s the candidate who has to dedicate the time to completing the application process.

With MATCHD, the TA’s time is freed up with significant hours saved on having to ‘trawl’ through CV’s and cover letters, trying to identify objective criteria to measure each candidate against, whilst trying to ovoid the dreaded unconscious bias.

Instead, after setting up the role in the MACTHD tool, the TA sits back and waits for the applications to roll in. Once the job vacancy is closed, the TA opens a role dashboard and can clearly see how each candidate is ranked against the other based on the role fit, job requirements and culture fit assessment engines.   From there, creating a short list of candidates become obvious.

EVERY candidate gets assessed against ALL assessment criteria entirely automatically.

If you are struggling with an increased volume of candidates for your vacant positions, or your TA team is taking the time to re-assess your recruitment processes, check out or send Brett Fraser an email (, to arrange a demo.

Ultimately, a few minutes invested now could improve your internal recruitment efficiency considerably, saving your business time and $’s.

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