10 September 2020
VIVA LA RECRUITMENT: The face of Australia is changing

The face of Australia is changing. Generation Z has found its voice and decided that enough is enough. The prejudice of the past, and the idea that ‘tolerance’ should somehow be equated with equality, has become intolerable. Being forced to plaster “I HAVE WORKING RIGHTS IN AUSTRALIA” as the header of a resume, shouldn’t be the only way for minorities in Australia to garner any attention from employers. Recruitment software that harnesses psychometric testing and scientific algorithms, producing an unbiased assessment of a candidate’s talent, is revolutionising recruiting processes. MATCHD is at the forefront of this revolutionary movement.


As much as we may be tempted to describe Australia as ‘not that bad in the global scheme of things’, when it comes to preconceptions and prejudices regarding race, religious background and gender in the workplace, systemic biases are hard to ignore. Many significant studies have shown that internalised prejudices lead to active discrimination, over 60% of immigrants in Australia, and over 30% of women, have reported workplace discrimination. These biases impact the way that employers interpret CVs that come across their desk, whether they are aware of it or not. Therefore, if businesses want to represent themselves as ethical, fair-minded, and socially conscious in the current climate, the implementation of such recruitment technologies that MATCHD provides, is crucial.


Levelling the Playing Field for Immigrants and Minorities

The process of immigrating to Australia can be an intense uphill battle. Often people leave their countries of birth to seek a safer or more free existence. Many immigrants juggle the responsibility of supporting their family, undertaking study or upskilling, and trying to support themselves in cities with astronomical costs of living. Existing prejudices in Australia’s recruitment processes only create another hindering obstacle. Despite the fact that they may be coming to Australia with a wealth of experience and knowledge, and an excellent work ethic to boot, immigrants are often overlooked for roles, in favour of Australians that present with more Anglo-Saxon sounding names or experience from Australian businesses that the recruiter is familiar with.


An important point to make is, that perhaps the majority of Australian recruiters would not actively discriminate against minorities. The majority of Australians aim for our beautiful country to be a place of egalitarianism, a place of giving everyone a ‘fair go’, and would agree that they would enjoy working in a diverse workplace. However, internalised racism and xenophobia can be hard to spot within ourselves. Therefore, the best strategy is to hand the process over to a software that is purposely built without intrinsic bias. The MATCHD recruiting software analyses the core of the potential employee, it shows the recruitment officer who they are, as oppose to simply emphasising where they come from.


Often crucial traits such as perseverance, expert problem solving, responsibility, taking initiative and having efficiency, are actually fostered and grown within the personal experience of being in a minority group in Australia. The recruiting software allows these traits to rise to the surface, and bring talented individuals to the top of the pile, when in regular circumstances, they may have never made it to the short list.


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