10 September 2020
VIVA LA RECRUITMENT : AI – Pushing The Transparency Boundaries In Recruitment

There is no longer space in Australia for businesses that choose to keep their head stuck in the sand. Customers want to know that the companies they are engaging with are fostering a sense of equality and prioritising socially conscious practices. With the rapidity and ease of communication provided by social media, and particularly with the rise of ‘call out/ cancel culture,’ the new catch cry for businesses must become Transparency, transparency, transparency! Specifically, the young professional consumer, expects nothing less. Engaging with recruitment software, such as MATCHD, will soon become the politically correct bench mark for being seen as wanting to construct a diverse and socially conscious workplace.

All we can do, is try and do better. We all want to be on the right side of history. So, why not use all the tools at our disposal? As we progress further and further into our reliance on artificial intelligence technologies, it becomes easy to see that data is the new gold. It is the most valuable commodity we have in our society, to push forward our innovative efforts. MATCHD has produced a software that collects exactly the kind of data that you need, creates straightforward analytics of this data, and presents to you on a platter, the best candidates for the position. So, why not jump on the bandwagon and utilise it for your own business? Join the movement of unbiased, fair-minded recruiting practices, utilising revolutionary Australian software. Allow your business to find the most incredibly talented people. Don’t let anything stand in your way.


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