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The MATCHD assessment tool provides you unlimited applicants to be assessed for the low price of $ 395 per open job. It doesn’t matter if you have 25 applications or 500, the one fixed price applies for each job vacancy.

The time taken to read a CV can vary with research suggesting it can be anywhere from 6.25 seconds through to 30 seconds. The 6 second CV scan is working from a GUT feel and the 30 second scan is BIAS interpretation. Providing a scientific assessment tool to rank your applicants prior to reading the CV’s will stand you in better stead to make your next hire.

A bad hire can have an impact on a team’s morale.

If a new employee is underqualified (or simply not pulling their weight) and not adding value to the team, the other teammates often must pick up the slack. This could lead to resentment of your team’s new colleague.

And if a new employee is simply not a good fit with the company’s existing culture, this can take away the harmony and lead to a tense, negative environment.

MATCHD provides you an insight into how an employee may perform.

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