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Find the best candidates from the start

Matchd  is a comprehensive assessment suite, designed to discover every applicant’s hidden potential. While most platforms are only capable of partially testing a candidate, we perform a complete assessment on every individual as soon as they apply.

This means you start with the best candidates, ranked according to science-backed psychometrics, customized culture fit criteria, and skills in the required job requirements.

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The Matchd funnel
The Matchd funnel The Matchd funnel

Psychometrics Hire the best person for the job

Research shows that conventional interview techniques alone have only a 60% (or lower) chance of delivering the best person for a job. Psychometric assessments are core to the Matchd system, delivering up to 96% accuracy, saving you both time and money, while highlighting the potential for growth and success within your organization.

We assess all candidates against 34 performance factors (or 16 factors for Matchd Express) that detail the dimensions of their style and drive. This gives an accurate appraisal of role fit, motivation and soft-skill aptitude. Then we weigh their profiles against known benchmarks at every level of business, from the front line to the executive suite.

34 Factors

Conflict Management 4 factors
Leadership & Influence 6 factors
Strategic orientation 4 factors
Values 4 factors
Coping 4 factors
Career Drives 5 factors
Workplace Management 3 factors
People orientation 4 factors

Culture Fit Ensure the right fit for any workplace

We know culture fit strongly correlates to higher job satisfaction, better employee retention, superior job performance and greater employer loyalty. But culture means different things to different people. So how can you tell if a candidate will fit in their new role?

We know that employees are happiest when they feel a sense of belonging, even if they’re a little different. Our platform gives you the tools to craft your culture fit assessment, tailored to your unique workplace culture.

41 Elements

Job Requirements Find high performing candidates from day one

Shortlisting skills is simple, so shortlisting skilled candidates should be straightforward too. Matchd’s job requirements filtering eliminates extra work, saving the time that you used to spend on reviewing individual resumes.

Set and forget — specify your selection criteria just once, and let applicants address the skills, qualifications, experience and knowledge required for the job.

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