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MATCHD Talent Product

Get smarter, faster and more accurate in your recruitment

MATCHD is a comprehensive Talent Acquisition Management Platform that is designed to discover every applicant’s true qualities. While most recruitment software is only capable of partially testing a candidate, we perform a complete assessment on every individual as soon as they apply. This means you start with the best candidates without having read a CV, all applicants are ranked according to science-powered psychometrics, customised culture fit criteria, and skills in the required job requirements.

Rank ALL candidates in one click

Better recruitment science for innovators


How well the candidate is naturally suited to perform the duties of the job


How well the candidate fits in with your company’s values and team culture


Additional specific requirements the candidate must meet to be eligible

Talent Platform empowering talent managers

Delivers the best candidates with up to 96% accuracy
Matches on strengths, personality and culture fit
Reviews all applicants equally no matter how many
Objective assessment removes bias and preconceptions
Scientifically proven algorithms provide deep data
Automates 80% of the recruitment process

Who would you hire?

DYLAN has an outstanding CV which meets all the expected requirements. On paper, he has an excellent skillset that aligns with the position description.

He is confident and interviews well.

The traditional recruitment process would give him the job, however once hired, it becomes apparent that he may have embellished one or two truths on his CV. He doesn’t get along well with the rest of the team and his career strengths don’t align to the role.

ALISON is not as experienced and does not present as a traditional fit for the role, however her personality traits actually make for a perfect natural fit. She’s an ideal fit for the team and has a passion for the role that is not adequately captured in her CV.

MATCHD would give her the job, and result in both her and the company to thrive with a perfectly suited match.

MATCHD - How It Works

Rank ALL candidates in one click

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Rick Reynolds

Rick Reynolds

Managing Director
"We found ourselves competing for business against large multi-national overseas-owned labour hire companies and we needed to differentiate our services and add value to our service offering.  We found that in MATCHD we not only saved time and money during the recruitment process, but we were also able to demonstrate a distinct differentiated value-add to our clients through superior client outcomes and improved recruitment candidate experience.  I would recommend MATCHD to any business that wants to improve its recruitment experience and processes."
Justin Prince

Justin Prince

“Any business that is concerned with the cultural alignment and engagement of their staff needs MATCHD. It’s taken all the guess work and bias out of our recruitment and saves me significant time and effort during the process. In a recent job vacancy, I received 50 applications; I used MATCHD to process which meant I only had to look at the CV’s of the top candidates and only spent 20 mins interviewing, then hired the best candidate.  For all my hires now, I just go straight to MATCHD and I never have to spend time looking at CV’s for people that don’t fit, yet I have all the confidence that the right person will get the job, every time.”

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