Finally, a psychometric recruiting platform backed by science

17 July 2020
Finally, a psychometric recruiting platform backed by science
a psychometric recruiting platform backed by science

The current way recruitment is done is a time-consuming and costly process. From the increasing stack CV’s and the time it takes to sort through them may mean you overlook candidates or allow personal bias to takeover.

With automation and AI resources hitting the HR market, it’s getting easier to find skilled candidates. But what about the right fit for culture and role requirements?

We all know the importance of pre-employment testing which helps HR professionals minimise hiring time and selecting the most qualified individual who best fits the organisation.

A recruiter would usually only psychometric test their shortlist during the interview process, but how much more valuable would it be to psychometric test all candidates automatically? And not just 1 testing type such as DISC or Myers Briggs but psychometrics based on up to 300 data points per person.

When psychometric platforms like MATCHD are used as part of a wider recruitment process, it can mean the difference between finding the right talent, and someone who doesn’t fit the culture or job requirements.

Below are five key benefits of psychometric testing all candidates:

1) Identifies personality attributes

Visual and tangible criteria are easy to assess from a CV or interview such as experience, education and skills however the behavioural, work style and personality traits can be much more difficult to measure.

Psychometric testing can measure a number of these attributes to ensure a role and culture fit including:

  • intelligence,
  • critical reasoning,
  • motivation and
  • personality profile.

2. Helps remove bias

From the gloss over of a CV to an interview, as a recruiter this process can be subjective based on our personal bias and experiences. We may easily be able to assess personal skills and experience however gut instinct, personal values and interests come into play.

Psychometric testing provides fairer, measurable, objective data that can give a comprehensive view of a candidate’s position suitability.

And by testing all candidates with a platform like MATCHD before even reading a CV allows an equal and accurate way as each candidate has been given the same testing criteria

3. Ability to test large numbers of candidates

Many HR managers are finding right now they are experiencing large recruitment drives per job ad. Psychometric testing can be used as a way of assessing (and eliminating) candidates at the start of a process.

Platforms like MATCHD can assess all candidates and identify the best fit into a leader board and can save crucial interviewing time, reducing the workload of a recruiter and making faster hires without having to shortcut.

4. Creates validity to the recruitment process

It’s a widely known fact that around 83% of people lie on their CV’s.

Job applications and Linkedin profiles can be expertly written and references can be glowing, however they don’t always accurately show if a candidate is a good fit for a particular role or company.

Psychometric testing adds validity to the recruitment process because they assess and highlight personality traits and behaviours that references or CV’s cannot.

5.Testing can be cost-effective

Psychometric testing costs can quickly add up when using several assessments per candidate. Platforms like MATCHD allow a company to test all candidates against several testing criteria for an inexpensive monthly subscription fee.

Psychometric testing may prove the difference between selecting a candidate who is a great fit and the expense of a wrong hire or having to repeat the recruitment process.

If you’re struggling with your recruitment process, it might be time to consider a psychometric platform like MATCHD. MATCHD can provide a psychometric test to every candidate prior to you reading a single CV, and free you up to interview and hire smarter. Get in touch for a free trial.

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