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For some businesses the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in an unprecedented number of job applicants applying for limited positions. This increase in the volume of applications is putting business recruitment processes and resources under pressure.

At MATCHD, we pride ourselves on being able to provide not only the latest in recruitment technology, but also a great understanding of candidate profiling through psychometric data and job role criteria.

Our MATCHD software will allow you to automate much of the recruitment process for your business, and make it easy to shortlist the absolute best candidates with a great deal of accuracy.

30,000* data points compared to find the top candidates in minutes.

*Number of data points compared across 100 applications

An automated dashboard ranking for all job applications
MATCHD will automatically rank all job applicants against three main criteria:

Role Fit

How well the candidate is naturally suited to perform the duties of job

Culture fit

How well the candidate fits in with your company’s values and team culture


Additional specific requirements the candidate must meet to be eligible

Save 10 hours reading 150 CV’s
Delivers the best candidates with up to 96% accuracy
Matches on strengths, personality and culture fit
Reviews all applicants equally no matter how many
Objective assessment removes bias and preconceptions
Scientifically proven algorithms provide deep data
Automates 80% of the recruitment process
Matchd Talent will give you the power to:


…the candidates’ true qualities

…you’ll get the best fit person for the job


accurate in your hires

efficient and effective in recruitment

…the employer of choice


…in your team and organisational pursuits

…through improved ROI on productivity and profitability