About Us

We know how hard it is to hire the right people, because we’ve been through it ourselves. That’s why we created Matchd, a science-backed job application & psychometric testing platform, proven to find the best candidate every time.

We’re here to revolutionize the recruitment process.

Matchd was created by scientists who believe great tools and evidence-based practice should be affordable and available to everyone.

We realized the conventional approach to recruitment — managing quantity to discover quality — was unnecessarily expensive and time-consuming. Over the past few decades, both the hiring and technology landscape have come a long way. We know more; we can do more.

So we rethought the entire process. Forget digging through hundreds of applications, looking for a needle in a haystack. We collect the needles for you and present them to you up front.

Now, you start with quality, and hire the best.

Backed by decades of scientific research

Matchd comes from over 20 years of research into personality science and organizational psychology. We incorporate long-standing, comprehensive and robust personality models that come highly regarded by the scientific community.

Unlike other tests that offer superficial insights, base their results on over-simplified measurements, or yield inconsistent interpretations, Matchd delivers a complete assessment of every candidate’s strengths, weaknesses, preferences and motivations.

Helping customers across the globe revolutionize their recruitment

Our Psychometric and Culture Evaluations have been tried, tested and loved by some of the worlds leading companies.